Directions of Coated Aldehyde Oxystarch

£ŪDrug Name£Ż
Normal Name: Coated Aldehyde Oxystarch
English Name: Coated Aldehyde Oxystarch
Chinese pronunciation spelling: Baoquanyangdianfen
Main Ingredient:products which Oxystarch surface is coated by aldehyde
[Description] white or whitish granular powder, odourless and tasteless.
[Pharmacology and Toxicity] Both ammonia and nitrogen in the gastrointestinal tract through the treatment layer of coated aldehyde are combined with the aldehyde group of Oxystarch to Schiff's base complex which is excreted in the feces. It reduces urea nitrogen and non-protein nitrogen level in blood, and compensates the renal function. There is little irritation to the gastrointestinal tract owing to the fact the aldehyde group of CAOS does not contract with the gastric mucous membrane directly.
[Indications] CAOS is an absorbent of urea nitrogen. it can be used for azotemia by various causes.
[Dosage and Administration] Administration orally after each meal. 5”«10g(1”«2 bags), twice or three times daily
[Specification]5g per bag
[Storage] Keep away from bright light and tightly sealed. Store dry.
[Package] Packaged in aluminum and plastic complex membrane bag, 20 bags per box.
[Validity] 3 years.
[Approval] Guo Yao Zhun Zi H12021136