Directions of Indapamide Tablets

[Drug name]
Normal name: indapamide tablets
English name: indapamide tablets
Chinese pronunciation spelling:Yindapa£§an Pian
[Description] Sugar-coated tablets with white colour core
[Pharmacology and Toxicity] Sulfanilamide diuretic. Inhibit the water and electrolure absorption in distal renal tubular cortical dilution segment. Decompression mechanism isn't clear which can't explain by diuresis mechanism. Because the decompression dosage is lowest than the diuresis dosage. The mechanism may include the following factors:adjust the calcium ions of vascular smooth muscle cell import; stimulate the synthesis of PGE2 and PGI2; reduce the hypersensitivity of blood vessel to vasopressin, inhibit the vasoconstriction. It has little effects on cardiac output, cardiac rate and cardiac rhythm or not. Administrated long time few effects are found on glomerular filtration rate or renal blood flow. It has no effects on metabolism of blood lipid and carbohydrate.
[Pharmacokinetics] Administrated orally, absorbed quickly and completely. The bioavailability is 93%, without food-depend.The plasma proteins binding rate is 71-79%, also binding with the vascular smooth muscle elastin. Orally administrated, the peak concentration time is 1-2 hrs. Orally single administrated 24hr later the peak decompression action is achieved;administrated many times 8-12 weeks later the peak action is achieved and maintain 8 weeks. T1/2 is 14-18 hr. It is metabolized by hepar and has 19 metabolites. 70% is excreted by kidney, of which 7% is the unchanged drug and 23% is excreted by gastrointestinal tract. Pharmacokinetics parameters of renal failure patients aren't changed.
[Indications] Hypertension.
[administration and dosage] For adults, 2.5mg orally once daily
[Specification] 2.5mg
[Storage] Protect from light and tightly sealed
[Package] Blister package, 10 tablets per card, 3 or 1 card per box.
[Validity] 2 years
[Approval]Guo Yao Zhun Zi H19994074